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Quick Tips to SAVE on Groceries

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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Groceries, the monster expense that can easily derail any budget. For me, getting a handle on my grocery spending was one of the best things I did to gain control over my monthly spending. Below are a few quick tips that helped me slay the grocery monster.

Planning: Plan ahead! Planning ahead doesn’t mean you have to spend all day planning and prepping food. I’m not a meal prepper and could never be because I can’t be that committed to my meal choice. I like freedom. So when I go to the store I plan ahead, knowing I’m making a certain five meals over the course of five nights.

Know Your Staples: My kids eat about the same three meals for breakfast and lunch. I don’t need to plan for those things, so I buy what I can when it’s on sale. Cereal for example, there’s always sales on cereal. For the week ahead, I’ll buy whatever I can get at a discounted price. It keeps thing fresh for them and saves me some cash.

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Shop Sales Circulars and Buy Seasonally: I try to build my meals and buy my fruit and veggies based off what is cheapest seasonally. I’ll look in the circulars before I head to the store to plan my meal and then also look at what the store has on sale when I get there. This is where using coupons and buying from the circulars can save you even more.

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Plan For Easy Dinners: We are on the go ALL the time and being on the go means it’s very easy to fall into the trap of eating out because it’s more convenient. To combat this, I look at our schedule for the week and plan in “easy” dinner nights. On a night when we have multiple practices or games, dinner might be sub sandwiches, cottage cheese, and fruit. Something quick that accommodates kids coming and going at various times or everyone getting home late. This helps me not cave into the drive thru convenience trap because I know I have something EASY to grab at home.

Bonus Tip for Online Shopping

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