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Monthly Subscription Freeze

These days just about everyone is paying some type of monthly subscription fee. We’ve got music subscriptions, tv subscriptions, clothing subscriptions, food subscriptions and so much more. Every month these set it and forget it subscription fees are charged to your account, but are they worth the hard-earned cash being consumed??

If you’re looking to start saving money but are unsure how to free up some cash, try a 🥶Subscription Freeze 🥶. Here’s how it works…

1️⃣ Go through your bank statement and recorded all monthly fees/subscriptions you are paying. Record the amount you are paying each month.

2️⃣ Cancel/Pause all monthly subscription fees..ALL OF THEM!

3️⃣ Throughout the month as you are tempted to reactive Netflix, Amazon music, or any others look for free alternatives to fill those needs.

4️⃣ At the end of the month, go back to your list of subscriptions. This time when you go through the list you’ll know which subscriptions you want to keep and which ones you can definitely live without.

After 30 days, if you have subscriptions you aren’t sure about continued to pause them. If you don’t use the subscription after 60 days..let it go. It’s not worth the cash it’s consuming. You'll be surprised with the amount of money you can free up, just by getting rid of the subscriptions you don't actually use

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