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Avoid the Student Loan Debt Crisis -A Must Read for Parents and College Students

College Students, Parents, and Recent High School Graduates STOP SCROLLING …let’s talk student loans for a minute.

👩‍🎓👨‍🎓Among the graduating class of 2019…

69% of college students took out student loans

$29,900 is the average debt per graduate💲💲💲

Of those graduates… 14% of their PARENTS took out an average of $37,200 in parent PLUS loans. That means after college graduation, you are looking at a payment of at least $300 per month for 10 years. $300 A MONTH FOR TEN YEARS..STOP THE MADNESS! 💸🤑😲

DON’T make the mistake so many others have made and bury yourself in student loan debt. Contact me today and let’s start budgeting for your education. We will break down your costs and give you a semester by semester plan of action.

Gone will be the days of blindly taking out student loans and getting blindsided by them after graduation. 💰💸💸😱

PARENTS, if there is one thing you can do to get your college student off on the right foot in adulthood it’s this! College students aren’t ready to make financial decisions today that will impact them 5-10-15 years down the road.

Contact me today for a 🆓FREE🆓, no obligation call to discuss how we can build a plan that steers you away from the dreaded student loan monster. #debtfree #budget #financialcoach #frankiecopseyfinancialcoaching

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